Well 2010 is here and with it the warm weather. Nice for us but sometimes a little too much for the dogs. At present we have only been to 1 show. (See results page.)  In mid Feb. Hector will be making his debut. We have a lot of work to do as the lead is not his favourite at the minute.Grace, Hector's litter sister will also be hitting the show circuit  in 2010. I hope Julie is having more luck with the training!!
Well Hector has now had 4 shows. He has had 2 Baby  puppy in group already. He has started to develop nicely and with a bit more practice and maturity he will do very well. Gracie makes her debut at Brighton Kennel Club next week. Goodluck Julie and Grace. From what we are hearing Grace is a little terror and rules the house.......... Kevin has the firmer hand but it doesn't seem to be working. Keep at it guys.
Hector has been very well behaved apart from a little gardening. He has been the most placcid dog we have had and could show the others a thing or two.

**Xanthe's puppies have      arrived*
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